Clinic Near Me will come to you anywhere during your trip in Bali

With Clinic Near Me, Don’t let sickness interfere on your trip in Bali

Clinic Near Me with excellent Medi-Call Expat clinic partners in Bali

Clinic Near Me will come to you anywhere in Bali

Travelling to Bali and need doctor’s treatment? Or you just need some IV drip for immune boost? With Medi-Call Expat Clinic Near me, we are here to help you fulfill your needs

Our clinic team consist of doctors and nurses will help you = Our reliable and professional doctors will help you

With 78.500++ satisfied customers, you don’t need to worry about it. Our professional medical expert will help you even though you didn’t go to the nearest clinic = There’s no need to go to the nearest clinic, our Doctors will come to your location. With over 78.500+ satisfied customers, we are ready to give you our best services.

With Clinic Near Me, Don’t let sickness interfere your trip in Bali

Trying new things can be fun, but sickness can come unexpectedly. Especially on a trip with the weather and food differences. Feeling unwell but still want to enjoy your trip?  Don’t worry, Medicall Expat Clinic Near Me will be available to help you whenever you need.

We specialized on providing on call clinic and we have 100++ doctors that can take care of you while you are far from home

You can rest assured in your place and our clinic team will come to you

Clinic Near Me with Excellent Medi-Call Expat Clinic Partners in Bali

Medi-Call Expat’s Clinic Near Me have trustworthy and professional partners. Not only in Denpasar, our partners are scattered in several areas in Bali. So you will always get the fastest service possible in your location with Medicall expat’s Clinic Near Me

Our system is also more simple and efficient. You can wait at your location and our health specialist will show up as soon as possible. You can easily reserve a service through our Whatsapp

Few clicks away: effective and effortless to find Clinic Near Me

With the help of technology, Medicall makes it easier to get health services just by using your smartphone. Help will come right away to your place. An effective and effortless way to find Clinic Near Me

With Medi-Call Expat Clinic Near Me, we provide professional and reliable doctors. Not only able to take care of minor injuries, we are also able to take care of heavy injuries and infusion therapy according to your needs. All of them can be performed without going to the nearest clinic

Professional, Certified and Reliable Doctors

We have numerous doctors that are experienced in their own field. With the ability they have, there are so many patients that are pleased with their performance. 

Our doctors are familiar with handling expatriates, so you don’t have to worry about difficulties in consulting about your health. With Medi-Call Clinic Near Me, you can do all of this in your location.

Contact Medi-Call Expat Call Center to get free consultation service

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Pricelist Clinic Near Me


USD 100

The price is include:

  • Basic fee
  • Distance fee
  • Oral medicines

If minor medical service is needed, can be performed as long as it doesn’t require injection procedure.


USD 200

The price is include:

  • Basic fee
  • Distance fee
  • Oral medicines
  • Medical service such as moderate wound care and IM/IV injection and other services that doesn’t require infusion and laboratory examination


USD 350*

The price is include:

  • Basic fee
  • Distance fee
  • Oral medicines
  • Medical services such as; heavy medical care, IM/IV injection, intravenous fluids infusion that requires observation, blood test, and other medical services that needs further examination.

Patients satisfied with our services


Doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists ready at your service.


Available in more than 20+ cities in Indonesia

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Service booking procedure


Contact us anytime

You can now receive our services by contacting us directly via Whatsapp or Telegram


The nearest doctor to your location will come to your place quickly

Medicall will search for professional doctors based on your location


Medical examination by a doctor at your location

Examination by our doctors in accordance with predetermined procedures and schedules


Cash and cashless payment

This invoice will be issued after your services is done and you can pay it right away

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FAQ Clinic Near Me

Can the patient use private insurance healthcare?

It depends on your private insurance healthcare, if your insurance covers home visit or home care doctor services, then it can be used. For more detailed info, please contact our 24/7 Call Center.

Will the doctor near me come together with the nurse?

No, but you can request a nurse to our 24/7 Call Center if you need one.

Does Medi-cal provide a doctor specialist homecare service?

For now, we only provide general doctors to a homecare service. For a condition that needs a doctor’s specialist, then the patient will be referred to the clinic or hospital.

If the patient has to get medication in hospital and needs an ambulance, can Medi-call provide the ambulance?

We are not providing an evacuation service using an ambulance. but if needed, the doctor near me will help to contact the nearest hospital.

Is oral medication included in the basic fee?

Oral medication is included in the basic fee. Other services that are included in the basic service fee is distance fee and minor medical services that don’t require injection procedure with clinic near me

Can I request to choose a male or female doctor?

Yes, the Medi-Call Call Center will first check the availability of the requested Doctor in your location.

For the doctor visit service, can we use private health insurance?

If your insurance covers home visit/homecare, then the service can be provided. Please confirm with your insurance vendor first

How much does a patient pay for a doctor near me visit?

The types of Doctor Visit service rates are divided into: Basic, Regular, and Advanced service fee according to the results of the examination and actions that will be performed on the patient.

Are medications included in the medical service fee?

Depending on the service procedure and medicine needed by the patient, such as basic, intermediate, and advanced fees. Oral medicine is included in the basic fee, but medicine that requires injection and infusion is included in other package fees such as intermediate and advanced

What is the doctor 's estimated arrival time to location?

Call Center Medi-Call will search nearest doctor near me from to your location with 30-60 minutes duration and inform you as soon as possible

Does the doctor's visit fee include the cost of infusion?

Yes, it does. A cost of infusion has been included in the doctor visit service package and will be charged at the Advance fee.


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