Doctor Near Me Provides the Best Services for You

Call Experienced Doctors in Bali Doctor Near Me

Doctor Near Me Always Ready to be There For You

Doctor Near Me Provides the Best Healthcare Services for You

When you unexpectedly get sick in the middle of your vacation and need medical help, there is no need to panic. With Doctor Near Me Medi-Call Expat, you can get healthcare services with professional and experienced doctors right at your location anywhere in Bali

With more than 4900 experienced medical staff spread across various cities in Indonesia, Medi-Call Expat makes it easy for you to receive the best healthcare services. You can consult our doctors, get medical treatment, and have your condition further examined through laboratory tests. Even if you are suffering from jet lag or hangover, we will be ready with IM/IV treatment multivitamins that make you feel better with Medi-Call Expat Doctor Near Me

Call Experienced Doctors in Bali with Doctor Near Me

Call the best doctor to your location with Medi-Call Expat Doctor Near Me in Bali. Our doctors are proficient in English and experienced in dealing with a variety of medical problems often faced by foreign tourists and expatriates, such as Bali belly diarrhea, wound care, or multivitamin IM  injection or IV infusion to boost your immunity.

With Doctor Near Me, you can rest comfortably in your hotel / villa / apartment when you are sick without having to leave the house. Our doctors will make your medical treatment safe, comfortable and exclusive

Doctor Near Me Always Ready to be There for You

When you are in Bali, do not let sickness get in the way of your fun. Call a doctor to your location with Medi-Call Expat and get more personalized non-emergency medical care without having to queue at the hospital. With a wide reach and spread across many areas in Bali, our medical staff is ready to provide you with the best health services as soon as possible

Medi-Call Expat Doctor Near Me service is available in 11 areas of Bali such as Ubud, Gianyar, Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, Kerobokan, Denpasar, Sanur, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, and Nusa Dua

Feeling Better with Doctor Near Me Medical Treatments.

Holiday goes wrong because you suddenly get sick? It can be a bit annoying, especially when you have more fun things to do in Bali. Don’t worry, we got your back. Medi-Call Expat with Doctor Near Me service, provides services for various health issues that may interrupt your daily life, such as:

  • Bali Belly
  • Hangover
  • Wound Care
  • Rabies, vaccines, and serum anti-rabies.
  • And other treatments.

With experienced and certified doctors, we are ready to come to your location and make your day better!

Don’t let Bali Belly ruin your fun!

Bali is certainly a beautiful place to visit. New place, new foods, new culture. However, new and unfamiliar things are not always fun especially if you are having health issues. You might get Bali belly diarrhea, the notorious term for food poisoning that is often experienced by foreign tourists due to virus and bacteria contamination in your food. You may also need medical help, but going to local clinics or hospitals can be too unfamiliar and tiring.

Medi-Call Expat Doctor Near Me service will gladly help you with that. Just contact our call center and sit well, our doctor will come to you as soon as possible. With doctors who are experienced in dealing with the health problems of foreign tourists / expatriates, you can get more comfortable and personalized service without having to go to the hospital.


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FAQ Doctor Near Me

Does Medi-call Expat provide healthcare services for Covid-19 patients?

Medi-call Expat provides homecare doctor near me services for covid-19 patients that need to be in self isolation. Our clinic team and doctor near me will come to your villa/hotel/apartment to do a check up and give other medications.

Can the patient use private insurance healthcare?

It depends on your private insurance healthcare, if your insurance covers home visit or home care doctor services, then it can be used. For more detailed info, please contact our 24/7 Call Center.

Will the doctor near me come together with the nurse?

No, but you can request a nurse to our 24/7 Call Center if you need one.

Does Medi-call Expat provide a doctor specialist homecare service?

For now, we only provide general practitioners for homecare service. For a condition that needs a doctor’s specialist, then the patient will be referred to the clinic or hospital.

If the patient has to get medication in hospital and needs an ambulance, can Medi-call Expat provide the ambulance?

We do not provide an ambulance evacuation service. but if needed, Doctor near me will help to contact the nearest hospital.

Is oral medicines included in the basic fee?

Oral medicines is included in the basic fee. Other services that are included in the basic service fee is distance fee and minor medical services that don’t require injection procedure with doctor near me

Can I request to choose a male or female doctor?

Yes, you can. Medi-Call Expat’s Call Center will first check the availability of the requested Doctor in your location, then inform you.

For the doctor visit service, can we use private health insurance?

If your insurance covers home visit/homecare, then the service can be provided. Please confirm it with your insurance vendor first

How much does a patient pay for doctor near me visit?

The types of Doctor Visit service fee are divided into: Basic, Regular, and Advanced service fee according to the results of the examination and actions that will be performed on the patient.

Are medicines included in the medical service fee?

Depending on the service procedure and medicine needed by the patient, such as basic, intermediate, and advanced fees. Oral medicine is included in the basic fee, but medicine that requires injection and infusion is included in other package fees such as intermediate and advanced

What is the doctor 's estimated arrival time to location?

Call Center Medi-Call Expat will search doctor near me from to your location with 30-60 minutes duration and inform you as soon as possible

Does the doctor's visit fee include the cost of infusion?

Yes, it does. A cost of infusion has been included in the doctor visit service package and will be charged at the Advance fee.


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